Who is Rocky?

I’m just a geek.  I’ve been in the IT game about 20 years rotating between vendorworld and internalITworld.  I currently work for Aruba Networks and dig the hell out of it.  This page is in no way whatsoever associated with HPE/Aruba.  It is mine alone.  That said, I had few choices of where to land when I decided to go to work for a manufacturer and Aruba was the standout.

I picked up the name BionicRocky because I have a medical implant called a Spinal Cord Stimulator that is wired to my brain via my spinal column to attenuate pain signals and reduce pain from a nasty back injury.  It was built by Advanced Bionics, I needed a new handle and Bob’s your uncle, bionicrocky it was.  Please note that I will not be taking pity on you puny humans when we cyborgs complete our global domination.

I specialize in wireless of all stripes, currently 802.11 stuff  as well as general networking and information security.  I’m a certification hound, so constantly studying for the next test.  I do them to help re-affirm my knowledge, challenge myself and learn.  You have to stop and sharpen the axe sometimes or you’ll have a hard time chopping down trees.  I spent last year renewing LONG expired CWNP certs and picking up couple new ones (CWNA/CWSP/CWDP/CWAP) and some Aruba (ACDX/ACCP) certs. Because I’m an RF nerd, I got my HAM Technician ticket (W1iFi).

So that’s me.

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AGAIN  – This page is in NO WAY, whatsoever, associated with or representative of HPE/Aruba.  It is mine alone, I just mention they are my employer by way of full disclosure.